starting her journey: cara claflin

University of St. Thomas
Class of 2018, First-Year Page Scholar

“On the first day of Kindergarten, I ran all the way to school because I was so excited...I am just as eager to expand my knowledge as I go off to college this fall.”

First-year Page Scholar Cara Claflin's excitement to experience all that college has to offer is infectious. Despite personal hardships in her high school years, she always kept higher education as a tangible goal and the key to her future success. In the most challenging of times, she relates, "Education was the thing I clung to." She was active in her community and at Southwest High School in Minneapolis where she served as a staff writer and arts editor of the school's newspaper.

With her evident love for and strength in writing, she is interested in pursuing a major in Journalism or Communications while at the University of St. Thomas. Cara intends on paying it forward through her Service to Children Project this year. She expressed, "I would love to help children with their reading and writing skills because I know both subjects gave me a way to express myself and expand my imagination as a child."

We wish Cara and all of our 2014-2015 Page Scholars, both new and returning, a rewarding Fall Semester!

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