Information For Current Page Scholars

Congratulations on having been awarded a Page Grant for this upcoming academic school year! When you enter the Page Grant program, you enter an intellectual community in which integrity in academics and professionalism is highly valued.

Our current Page Scholars show a great deal of leadership and potential, founded in a passion for education and service. Learn more about what Page Scholars have achieved, the impact you can have on your community as a Page Scholar and how to get started.

Stay Ahead Of Your Grant Eligibility Requirements

As a Page Scholar, you maintain your Page Grant by returning specific forms by their due dates and completing your volunteer project in accordance with program specifications.

  • Renew your eligibility: Page Grants are awarded annually, which means if that you are a current Page Scholar, you will need to reapply for a grant each year. Award preference is given to existing Page Scholars who have maintained their education and service obligations.
  • Service to Children Project details: Part of your Page Grant eligibility is dependent on the completion of a volunteer project. Make sure to review this information to better understand your volunteer opportunities and requirements.
  • Scholar Handbook: The Scholar Handbook has valuable information about what being a Page Scholar means, expectations about professional conduct and how to go about completing your volunteer time.

We love to hear about our Page Scholar’s experiences as they fulfill their educational goals, realize their interests and work with young people who can use a positive role model in their lives. Do not hesitate to tell us your story