About The Service to Children Project

All Service to Children Projects go through the Page Education Foundation’s office for verification and approval. In order to have a Service to Children Project approved by Page Education Foundation staff, volunteer projects must have all of the following components listed below. Summit your Service to Children Project Proposal Form due October 31st.

Download the Service to Children Projects Handbook for directory of possible service sites and more information.

Service To Children Project Guidelines

The Page Education Foundation’s Service To Children project has some guidelines and basic expectations, which include:

  • Volunteer project must be in Minnesota and with a Minnesota organization.
    • Note: Our preference is that you volunteer with an educational institution.
  • Volunteer project must have an academic component and the projects main focus must be academics not recreation (i.e., tutoring, homework help).
  • Volunteer project must be direct work with children in grades kindergarten through 8th
  • Volunteer project must be during the academic school year Page Scholars are awarded the grant.
  • Volunteer project must have a site supervisor who is not relative, friend or peer.
  • Volunteer hours must be completed by May 1 of the following year.
    • Note: Students who do not meet this deadline will not be eligible for scholarship renewal the following year.

Service To Children Projects That Will Be Immediately Denied

  • Volunteer projects with known biological relatives (i.e., tutoring your own children, nephew, nieces, cousins, etc).
  • Volunteer projects with preschool children (0-5 years), high school students, college students or adults.
  • Volunteer projects that are not academic (i.e., coaching, sports, bible study, Sunday school, baby sitting).
  • Volunteer projects with organizations or programs outside the state of Minnesota.
  • Volunteer projects in which students are receiving monetary compensation.
  • Volunteer projects that are supervised by friends and family members.

The Page Education Foundation will provide resources, assistance and tips on finding a volunteer project as well as organizations that may offer volunteer opportunities, but Page Scholars are ultimately responsible for setting up the project on their own.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions regarding your Service to Children Project that cannot be answered in the handbook or online resources, please feel free to contact our staff via email using our online contact form.