Basic Expectations From Your Volunteer Site

Your Service to Children Project commitment must be the same as the commitment you would make to a job. The organization where you volunteer depends on you to meet the needs of the children they serve.

Your Rights

  • To be given clear instructions and supervision
  • To be treated with respect
  • To be given work that is interesting and challenging, not work that is considered too mundane or trivial for the paid staff
  • To have privacy and confidentiality respect
  • To receive ongoing support and feedback

Your Responsibilities

  • To find your own Service to Children Project (Page staff can help make suggestions)
  • To make sure you are adequately trained, including taking responsibility for getting information from missed training sessions
  • To make only those commitments you can keep
  • To take responsibility for effective communication in relationships with program staff and supervisors, providing them with information about your work
  • To make sure the program staff and supervisors have your current phone numbers, email address and times you can be reached
  • To communicate problems and other situations that arise in your service
  • To contact the Page Education Foundation staff if you are encountering issues at your volunteer site

Volunteer Site And Their Rights

  • To expect that you will show up to the volunteer site when you are scheduled for a shift
  • To expect that you will be appropriately attired at the volunteer site
  • To expect that you will volunteer with a positive attitude
  • To give you instructions and directions based on their program’s expectations
  • To reprimand volunteers who do not show up to their scheduled shifts with no calls/no shows or require that you provide proof of document(s) for absences
  • To reprimand volunteers who have poor attitudes or refuse to follow instructions/directions given by site coordinators
  • To terminate you from your volunteer service if they feel you cannot meet their organization’s volunteer expectations

Remember that when you choose to become a Page Scholar, you are taking on responsibilities that influence others. This can be a rewarding privilege, and one we hope you and your volunteer site can benefit from through the course of your Service to Children Project. We look forward to hearing about your experiences.