For Page Scholar Alumni

Not only do our Page Scholars go on to achieve goals in education and in their own professional career paths, they often give back to the Page Education Foundation long after they have completed their service.

  • Donate: If you are a Page Scholar Alumnus and want to remain engaged with the Foundation, we have plenty of opportunities to make that happen. One of the best ways is to support the Foundation through financial gifts and donations.
  • Volunteer: Your time can also be a valuable resource. By volunteering, you can help the Page Education Foundation directly, or mentor a current Page Scholar to provide career guidance and information about transitioning from the academic world to the career world.

If either of these opportunities appeal to you, do not hesitate to contact our staff via email or call 612-332-0406 and learn more about how you can stay engaged.

Join The Page Scholar Alumni Society

The Page Scholar Alumni Society is growing and we invite you to stay connected. Keep in touch with us on Facebook, or LinkedIn or by submitting a testimonial about your experiences during or after your service as a Page Scholar.

We’ve convened a Page Scholar Alumni Society Committee to help coordinate Alumni efforts, to join or learn more, please contact Amy Lee at or 612.332.0406.


  • Empower Page Scholar Alumni community through providing networking opportunities
  • Build Page Scholar Alumni community
  • Build a culture of Page Scholar Alumni Philanthropy aimed at giving back to the Page Education Foundation
  • Build a stronger Page Scholar Alumni presence at Page Education Foundation events
  • Build a collective that provides mutual opportunities and benefits between Page Scholar Alumni and the Page Education Foundation

Learn more about our Featured Page Alumni Scholars or see profiles of our graduating class and see what your fellow scholars are doing now.