The benefits of higher education for all students in Minnesota are far-reaching.

Current Situation

We know that college graduates earn more than twice what high school graduates earn over the course of a lifetime. They typically live longer, healthier lives, experience better working conditions, and have more opportunities for advancement and professional development.  People with a higher education also contribute more to the community. Because they earn more, they pay more in taxes, are more likely to vote, volunteer their time, attend cultural events and participate in community life.

We need college graduates in order to sustain our workforce and our rapidly changing economy. It is projected that the number of Minnesota jobs requiring post-secondary education will grow by 21 percent from 2002 to 2013. At the current enrollment and graduation rates, by 2017, there will not be an adequate number of college graduates to replace those retiring from the workforce.

The Need

By 2013, non-white racial groups will constitute 21 percent of Minnesota’s high school graduates – a 52 percent increase.  However, Minnesota suffers a shamefully large achievement gap between students of color and their white counterparts.

Test data from the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment and the Minnesota Basic Standards Test show that students of color are not meeting basic standards in math, reading and writing at the same rates as white, non-Hispanic students. Equally alarming are the inequities in graduation rates.

Current graduation rates for various student demographics are:

  • White students – 87 percent
  • African American students – 43 percent
  • American Indian students – 41 percent
  • Asian American Students – 72 percent
  • Latino students – 57 percent

According to a March 2006 report from the Brookings Institution, the issue of racial disparities is emerging as one of the most pressing social and economic concerns facing Minnesota today.

What Your Contribution Can Do

By supporting the Page Education Foundation, you will be helping to provide financial support to young people of color seeking a post-secondary education. These young people not only pursue their academic goals, they also mentor students in grades K-8th to foster positive attitudes toward education and achievement.

With more than 27 years behind us, we have seen how our Page Scholars have gone on to do great things. Page Alumni are a testament to what supportive communities can do to change the future for young people.

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