Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Page Grant?

Students of color who graduate from a Minnesota high school and will be attending an accredited Minnesota post-secondary school at full-time enrollment are eligible to apply.

Which colleges qualify?

Any accredited post-secondary educational institution in Minnesota, including state and private four-year universities, two-year community and technical colleges, and vocational schools.

What amount are Page Grants?

Page Grants range from $1,000 to $2,500 per student annually. Grant amounts vary based on the type of post-secondary educational institution applicant attends. Some colleges provide matching funds. Check with your college to see if matching funds are available for you.

How are Page Grant funds distributed?

Payments are issued directly to the school in two installments (first half in the fall semester/second half in the spring semester). They are contingent upon submission of required forms and verification of full-time status enrollment.

How long does a Page Grant last?

Page Grants are given for one year at a time and are renewable. Students must reapply each year by May 1st.

What are my chances of getting a Page Grant?

Not all applicants will be selected as recipients. Selection priority is given to returning applicants who are renewing their grants, graduating high school seniors, and then all other applicants. New applicants are selected based on the quality of their essay, proposed Service to Children Project, and letters of recommendation. Returning applicants are selected based on their essay, a successful completion of required 50 hours of volunteer service, and progress in studies (i.e., ability to maintain full-time status).

What are the requirements for the Service to Children project?

Page Scholars may select their projects from a list of community organizations in Minnesota that past Page Scholars have volunteered with or select their own site that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Volunteer project is based in Minnesota
  • Volunteer project involves children in K–8th grade
  • Volunteer project serves an academic purpose
  • Volunteer project is completed during the year recipients are awarded the grant

Will anyone be available to help me set up a service project?

The Foundation staff will provide you with an orientation to answer questions Page Scholars may have about service projects, a Community Partners Handbook, and a weekly email to Page Scholars containing information of current community organizations seeking volunteers. Ultimately students must take the initiative in selecting their organization and volunteer program and are held accountable for completing the 50 hours.

If I’m selected, can I complete my service project in the summer?

We encourage all Page Scholars to complete their Service to Children Project in the summer time. The Page Education Foundation follows the academic calendar and therefore students looking to volunteer in the summer must volunteer the summer prior to May 1 of the ensuing year.

For example: If awarded the grant for the 2015-2016 academic year, students must volunteer the summer of 2015 and NOT the summer of 2016. All volunteer hours must be completed by May 1, 2016 if you wish to renew your Page Grant again for the 2016-2017 academic year.

When are the names of Page Grant recipients announced?

Students are notified in mid-June of their application’s status and will be contacted through the email address provided to us on the grant application. Students selected to be Page Scholars are invited to attend the Page Scholar Award Ceremony in late June and an Orientation in early August.

What does it mean to be “postmarked by May 1”?

A postmark is an official mark stamped on a letter or other postal package giving the place, date and time of posting. It informs the Foundation of when you dropped your mail off at the post office. You do not do postmarks, the post office does. As long as your grant application has May 1 stamped on the front of the envelope by the post office, we will accept your grant application.

How will I know if you received my Page Grant application packet?

The Foundation does not track or notify applicants when application packets or documents are received. Applicants are encouraged to use the checklist provided (on page three of the Page Grant application and to pay for certified mail with tracking through postal services if receipt of delivery is a concern of theirs. Students will be notified of their application’s status in mid-June.